Hand Simulator: Aliens

Hand Simulator: Aliens introduces a new level of multiplayer gameplay where your hands are the key to survival. Face cosmic chaos when your spaceship, en route to Earth, crashes.

You are awakened by the ship’s artificial intelligence to take matters into your own hands. However, malfunctions aren’t your only concern. Part of the crew is affected by alien life forms that either want to kill the team or sabotage the ship to prevent it from reaching Earth. Your mission, as an unaffected member, is to save the ship and neutralize the infected before they destroy everything or, worse, get to you.

But if you’re infected? Your goal is to sabotage the ship or eliminate the uninfected crew members at all costs.

Between 3 and 10 players can participate in this thrilling cosmic journey, filled with intense sensations and dynamics. Don’t miss the chance to join this exciting adventure. Hand Simulator: Aliens awaits you!

If you play for the infected team, you:
  • Have a deadly grip and can kill healthy colleagues from behind.
  • Can see in the dark.
  • Create chaos by sabotaging the ship’s systems to hinder its arrival on Earth.
  • Deceive others to stay onboard after voting.
  • Pretend everything is okay with you.
If you play for the healthy team, you:
  • Maintain all ship systems to ensure a safe return home.
  • Watch over colleagues and jointly eliminate the infected during meetings in the docking module.
  • Call an emergency meeting upon finding a corpse to decide on eliminating the suspect.
The ship’s artificial intelligence:
  • Carries out gas disinfection during meetings in the docking module.
  • Opens the airlocks in the docking module and ejects anyone remaining after the meeting into open space.
  • Announces changes in the ship’s system status and preparation for disinfection over the loudspeake

Released On

17 November 2023


HFM Games



Supported Languages

English, Russian

File Size

5 GB


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