FPV Kamikaze Drone

«FPV Drone Kamikaze» is an exhilarating action game that immerses players in the world of modern warfare using high-tech drones. The game offers a unique experience of controlling a drone from a first-person view (FPV), allowing players to feel the speed and adrenaline of real aerial combat.

The player’s main mission is to use the drone as a kamikaze to destroy enemy ground equipment such as tanks, artillery, and military bases. Each level increases in difficulty, introducing new types of enemy equipment and advanced defense systems. 

Players must make split-second decisions and strategize their attack plans, using various explosive devices and drone upgrades. With realistic flight and explosion physics, «FPV Drone Kamikaze» promises an unforgettable challenge for action game enthusiasts and flight simulator fans alike.

Released On

15 December 2023


HFM Games



Supported Languages

English, Russian

File Size

5 GB


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