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Four teenagers have to pass the rite of student initiation. To do this, they must read a spell from the ancient book in the basement of the abandoned house and spend a night there. They thought it would be fun. But something unexpected happened. The students’ tale turned out to be true. 

Terrible evil is free and it has already obsessed one of the teenagers. You can release yourself from the evil bonds only by giving it to the other one. And you can leave the house only with a spell by returning the evil back to the hell. But it will not leave empty-handed. 

Someone will stay here forever. Who will be this loser?

  • Multiplayer from 2 to 4 people (recommended 4); 
  • Choose your tactics — hide from Evil in a locker or get away from it by bike; 
  • Gloomy atmosphere — explore dark rooms and creepy corridors; 
  • Do whatever you can to stay human and leave the building;
  • Watch out — at any time, your friend can turn into an enemy.

Released On

7 April 2017


HFM Games



Supported Languages


File Size

5 GB


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