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Fly Simulator

You work as a waiter and lead an uphill battle for their clients. You pushing back the flies from the food, otherwise you’ll never get anything. Maybe you are a hungry insect trying to increase their population? Choose the opposing side. The war is already underway.

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Evil Tag

Four teenagers have to pass the rite of student initiation. To do this, they must read a spell from the ancient book in the basement of the abandoned house and spend a night there. They thought it would be fun…

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Cart Racer

Get a new gaming experience as a racer in a shopping cart! Play for the brutal and steep Cart Racer. Overcome obstacles in the city, in the sea, in the ancient castle and the snowy mountains!

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Cockroach Simulator

This game is about the hard life in the kitchen. In this unusual place many interests intertwine.
But the only war between humans and cockroaches is truly epic and destructive.

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Strange coincidence brought traveler in unfamiliar places. It would be fine, except sinister desolation is starting to embrace the surroundings. There is no another soul around for the tens of kilometers. Or that’s what it seems like? I should probably go deal with that.

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Girl vs Crowd

This is a game in which one player in a VR helmet in the form of a girl is faced with ordinary players using a mouse and keyboard, dressed in bloodthirsty zombies, dangerous crows and deadly stinging bees.

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